2Wheel Industrial Fork Lift

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12,000.00 11,500.00

The project carried out by us made an impressing task in
the field of production and manufacturing industries. It is
very useful for having the scrap collecting vehicle because
they need not take any risk for the park the vehicle.
This project will reduce the cost involved in the concern.
The project has been designed to perform the entire
requirement task at the shortest time available.

The basic system of a forklift
Usually, a fully functional forklift would consist of the
following major system.
1. The power system,
2. Driving system,
3. Control system,
4. Loading system,

But in our design, we only concerned with the loading
system, since we are not going to focus on the power,
driving and control system only we will give a basic
information in the following two sections the power
the system will be included in the driving system.

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